The Liberator Irish Whiskey

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The Liberator Malt Whiskey in Tawny Port Finish

This is a rich and complex malt Whiskey finished in really fresh ex Tawny Port casks, contributing intensity, richness and complexity to the whiskey.

A Vatted Malt - made up of Single Malts from different distilleries, Ireland's first for decades, this is a perfect showcase of the Whiskey Bonder's art.

The components are 22% 2006 Cooley Single Malt and 78% 2015 Great Northern Distillery Single Malt. All were initially matured in ex-Bourbon casks. The younger Whiskey was then finished in really fresh Tawny Port casks for between 9 & 12 months.

Tasting Notes: Nose: Intense fruity aromas like dried cherries and figs, some pomegranate, freshly peeled citrus zests, spices like cardamom and long-pepper tickle the nose, the crispy malt in the background acts as a stable structure to achieve complexity. Palate: First some roasted aromas from malt and hazel nuts, then undertones of a winey sweetness, again fruity but now more blackberries, dried kiwi and blood orange zests, the mouthfeel is smooth with a soft sparkle. Finish: Warm and spicy with a bit of candied ginger, again long-pepper and citrus zests.
Our Inaugural Release of 685 numbered bottles recently sold out but we have just launched Batch 2 - 1,000 numbered bottles (700ml) at 46% ABV.
RRP €65 (plus post & packaging - €5 within Ireland only)


The Liberator Small Batch - Double Port Finish

This is our recently released premium blended whiskey, which is light and elegant, whilst still having lots of character.

Premium because it has a high malt content of 42% (most blends have 5-15%) which contributes depth and complexity while retaining the approachability of a blended Whiskey. Initially matured in ex-Bourbon casks, the Whiskey was transferred into a selection of really fresh Tawny and Ruby Port casks for its final 9-12 months, which has imparted rich fruity notes.

The Malt Whiskey element comprises mostly 2015 Great Northern Distillery Single Malt with a small 2006 Single Malt component from Cooley Distillery. The Grain is, again, mostly 2015 Great Northern Distillery with a small 2010 Cooley Single Grain component. It was the younger Malt Whiskeys that were finished for 9-12 months in a selection of Tawny and Ruby Port casks and a portion of the younger Grain was finished in Ruby Port casks.

Tasting Notes: 

We say: Rich dried fruits on the nose. Blackcurrant, cloves, orange zest and pear drops and a creamy mouthfeel on the palate. A medium length finish with vanilla, almonds and some spice.

They say: "exuberantly fruity, full of juicy ripe blackcurrants and red cherries” John Wilson, Irish Times, September 2020 “A classy blend with red fruits, orange and malt loaf 90/100” Martin Moran, Sunday Times, September 2020

This is a batch of 3,000 numbered bottles (700ml) at 46% ABV.

RRP €50 (plus post & packaging - €5 within Ireland only)


Storehouse Specials

These are occasional very limited early releases of new products that we’re working on. The first is a Cask Strength version of The Liberator Small Batch – Double Port Finish which was a batch of just 156 hand numbered half bottles (350ml) with an rrp of €55 but is now SOLD OUT. More to come....


The Liberator Presentation Pack

We've just had these rather cool limited edition Liberator branded sleeves produced.

We don't like the idea of a Gift Box which makes its way straight to landfill and we wanted to offer something that you can reuse all year round. So we commissioned these reusable   sleeves to take your Liberator Whiskey bottle (or wine). Made from Neoprene (the same material as wet suits so they keep the contents at the same temperature), they are embroidered with The Liberator Irish Whiskey logo and make a perfect addition to that bottle of The Liberator that you're buying for your loved ones. (Please note: The inside colour may vary from blue to purple. The Liberator bottle is not included!)

Priced at €15 (plus €2 post and packaging)


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