" 'Tis a Foretaste of Heaven, I cannot say more of O'Connell's famed home on the Lower Lake shore"

(Daniel McSweeney c.1890)

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Hidden from view on the shores of Lough Leane in Killarney, with breath-taking vistas, unchanged for millennia, of the lake, islands and surrounding mountains. Wild life is drawn to our shores: swans and cormorants make their home amongst the reeds and rocks, salmon and trout swim in our lake and rare botanicals and lichens thrive in the pure air. Our celebrated microclimate in which exotic subtropical plants flourish brings beauty, serenity, drama and unpredictability. This is a place where time and nature moves to a different rhythm. A place to make unique Whiskeys of depth and character to share with others.


The weather can change suddenly and twenty times a day: from tempestuous storm to pin drop stillness, from summer sunshine to autumn mist, from horizontal rain to glorious sun shot rainbows. It is a curse for some but offers an unexpected gift for a Whiskey maker. It gives character to the barley we grow in our fields, the Whiskey we make from it and to the Whiskeys we finish here. As our Whiskey slowly ages in ‘The House of Contentment’, our ancient stone maturing storehouse, the frequent and dramatic shifts in atmospheric pressure exert a individual influence on the interplay between spirit and wood.


Our family has been here for over 900 years and with the creation of Wayward Irish Spirits and, later, the Lakeview Estate Distillery, we are building something that we hope will endure for generations to come. A Single Estate Distillery which celebrates and reflects the terroir and spirit of our beautiful home. This is not the cheapest or quickest way to make a Whiskey but our unique location deserves a unique spirit. One that we can be proud of and that you can enjoy.


Slow down, raise a glass, savour the moment. Sláinte

Full text of poem:


There's O'Connell's famed home on the Lower Lake shore, where Nature has given her beauties galore

They may talk of Versailles and its artful displays and how Lake Maggiore has the sunniest days

But in rain or in shine, in smiles or in tears, there's no finer place in two hemispheres

To where lake views and mountains entwine o'er and o'er. At O'Connell's famed home on the Lower Lake shore




Cold must be the heart and dull must be the mind that at Lakeview contentment and peace cannot find.

Not alone has each season attractions sublime but each day and each hour in the passage of time

Gives new views and delights as we wander along amid scenes to describe which, how poor is my song

'Tis a Foretaste of Heaven, I cannot say more of O'Connell's Famed Home on the Lower Lake Shore