The Liberator

Wayward Irish Spirits

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The Liberator Malt Whiskey in Tawny Port Finish

This was our launch Whiskey, just as Covid struck. It's Ireland's first Vatted Malt - made up of 2 Single Malts from different distilleries. The components are 22% 2006 Cooley Single Malt and 78% 2015 Great Northern Distillery Single Malt. The younger Whiskey was finished in really fresh Tawny Port casks for between 9 & 12 months. Our Inaugural Release of 685 numbered bottles recently sold out but we have just launched 1,000 numbered bottles of Batch 2 at €65/bottle


The Liberator Small Batch - Double Port Finish

Our new release is our Premium Blended Whiskey, with an unusually high (42%) content of Malt Whiskey (most blends have 5-15% Malt). The Malt component comprises Single Malts from Cooley (2006) and from Great Northern Distilllery (2015); the Grain is from the same distilleries but dating from 2010 and 2015. All were initially matured in ex-Bourbon casks; the younger elements were finished in a variety of fresh Ruby and Tawny Port casks. This is a batch of 3,000 numbered bottles at 45% ABV and priced at €49.


Storehouse Specials

These are occasional special early releases of new products that we’re working on. The first is a Cask Strength version of The Liberator Small Batch – Double Port Finish which was a batch of just 156 hand numbered half bottles (350ml) with an rrp of €55